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White T-shirt Cleaning Rags


The 100% cotton White T-shirt Cleaning Rag, an all-purpose premium cloth, has been subjected to a professional metal-detecting process, ensuring zippers and buttons have been removed. Almost completely lint-free, this rag is a cleaner’s dream as it effortlessly gives everything a radiant shine. Ideally suited to situations where thinners or solvents are used, this high quality rag will outperform any non-woven or paper product on the market. The medium weight White T-shirt Cleaning Rag represents good value for money as it will keep cleaning when other rags have stopped doing the job properly.

Materials Used:

The White T-shirt Cleaning Rag is a premium rag, made from 100% recycled all-white, low-lint cotton. This high-quality rag is not only soft and absorbent but also comes with the guarantee that all zippers and buttons have been removed.

Australian Cleaning Rags White T-shirt srunched
Australian Cleaning Rags White T-shirt multiple
Australian Cleaning Rags White T-shirt folded

A 100% cotton all-purpose premium rag that has been metal-detected.

Main Uses:

The White T-shirt Cleaning Rag is the best option when working with oil, water and solvents. This cleaning cloth will not only make your car shine but will also benefit your commercial tools and machinery. This all-rounder cleaning rag boasts great absorbency, dealing with tough spills effortlessly. It is a great addition to any workshop, ready to clean up any unexpected mess.

Industries that use this cleaning rag:

Industries using the White T-shirt Cleaning Rag include printing, newspapers, manufacturing, construction, staining and painting, foundry, automotive, power plants, home cleaning, industrial maintenance and cleaning, steel mills, concrete plants, buses and coaches, hydraulics, marine, engineering and furniture.

Available Weights:

Standard 10kg bag,  other weights available upon request.

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