Australian Cleaning Rags FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Positive Experience mean?

Australian Cleaning Rags is committed to providing you with a positive end-to-end purchase experience, every time you make an enquiry, order or receive goods. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service through an easy ordering process, treating our customers with respect and delivering the right products on time.

Can you advise me on the most suitable Cleaning Rag for my business needs?

Yes, any of our committed and friendly Customer Service assistants would be happy to assist you in finding the most suitable Cleaning Rag for your unique situation.


Do you supply Cleaning Rags in the bag size/weight I require?
Yes, we supply our Cleaning rags in 10/15/20/25/100/150/200kg bags. If you require a different size/weight, please talk to one of our friendly staff on 1300 007 247 or click here to contact us.
Are Australian Cleaning Rags metal detected?

Yes, they are. You can be assured there will be no zips, buttons, or syringes in your cleaning rags. After the rags have been cut they are subjected to a professional metal-detecting process to ensure the rags are safe for use.


Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver within 1-2 days in the Sydney Metro area.  Australia-wide shipping is available through our transport partners – please allow 5-7 days for delivery. Alternatively, you are welcome to organise your own interstate transport.

Do you charge for local delivery in Sydney?

A $15 delivery fee applies to orders smaller than a full pallet. Delivery is free for all orders exceeding a pallet in the Sydney Metro area.


Is there a minimum or maximum order?

No. We supply orders from as small as one bag to full container loads.

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