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Fleecy Cleaning Rags


The Fleecy, a highly absorbent and durable cleaning cloth, has been subjected to a professional metal-detecting process, ensuring zippers and buttons have been removed. This low-lint cleaning cloth will make any cleaning job easier with its extreme softness and impressive ability to soak up liquids.

Materials Used:

The Fleecy Cleaning Rag is made of recycled fleece apparel, such as sweatshirts and sweatpants. A professional metal-detecting process ensures the fleecy dusting cloth is free from buttons and zips which is then cut into wiper size.

Australian Cleaning Rags fleecy scrunched
Australian Cleaning Rags fleecy stacked
Australian Cleaning Rags fleecy coloured folded

Versatile rag with unique dual surface: smooth on one side and fluffy on the other.

Main Uses:

The Fleecy Cleaning Rag is the most economical choice in a working environment where grease, dirt, cement, grime and oil need to be taken care of. This wiping and dusting cloth is ideal for general maintenance but also holds its own when a large clean-up is required. The fleecy fabric is best used in situations when a heavy duty absorbent rag is needed.

Industries that use this cleaning rag:

Industries that use the Fleecy Cleaning Rag include chemical and industrial plants, machine shops, oil fields and automotive industries. It is also popular in the engineering, oil, mining, mechanical and heavy industry.

Available Weights:

Standard 10kg bag,  other weights available upon request.

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