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Flannel Cleaning Rags


The Flannel Cleaning Rag has been subjected to a professional metal-detecting process, ensuring zippers and buttons have been removed. This highly absorbent and non-abrasive cleaning rag provides a great alternative to diaper polishing cloths.

The Flannel Cleaning Rag delivers outstanding performance when polishing and cleaning are needed. This rag is also the preferred choice in an environment where oil and grease need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Materials Used:

The professionally looking Flannel Cleaning Rag, made of flannel sheeting, pyjamas and shirts, is available in consistent sizes. This high quality cleaning rag is a great all-purpose wiper for general cleaning and polishing.

Australian Cleaning Rags Flannel srunched
Australian Cleaning Rags flannel coloured stacked
Australian Cleaning Rags flannel coloured folded

A non-abrasive and highly absorbent Cleaning Rag, perfectly suited to polishing metal and furniture.

Main Uses:

The Flannel Cleaning Rag features extreme absorbency, making it the ideal cleaning solution for any and every situation. Having been exposed to a thorough metal-detecting method, this effective cleaning rag takes care of all your cleaning and polishing needs. This soft-to-the-touch Flannel Cleaning Rag is a wonderful alternative to the traditional cloth nappy, making everything shine like never before.

Industries that use this cleaning rag:

Industries that use the Flannel Cleaning Rag include metal polishers, car detailers, cleaners, mechanics, polishers, panel beaters and furniture companies.

Available Weights:

Standard 10kg bag,  other weights available upon request.

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