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Coloured Cotton Waste Cleaning Rags


The highly absorbent Coloured Cotton Waste is the ideal cotton wiping solution for dealing with difficult-to-clean places. Its extreme softness ensures a magnificent result, removing dust from even the most challenging spots. This 100% cotton cleaning rag provides excellent value for money and will continue cleaning long after other cloths have given up.

Materials Used:

The Coloured Cotton Waste Cleaning Rag is made from 100% recycled shredded cotton, such as sweaters pants and jumpers, and is guaranteed to have all buttons and zippers removed. This soft cotton wiping rag will surprise you with its ability to absorb liquids of any kind.

Australian Cleaning Rags Coloured Cotton Waste Cleaning Rags

A supremely absorbent cleaning and dust removal solution with an unmatchable durability.

Main Uses:

The Coloured Cotton Waste Cleaning Rag is an excellent wiper with its unique ability to clean hard-to-reach places, such as workshop instruments. This cotton wiping rag performs at its best when used to clean machines and kitchens, also making easy work of oil spills and fuel leakages.

Industries that use this cleaning rag:

Coloured Cotton Waste Cleaning Rags are used in the maritime and aviation industry as well as the shipping, banking, computer, oil, mining and mechanical industry.

Available Weights:

Standard 10kg bag,  other weights available upon request.

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