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Australian Cleaning Rags is a family business with over 14 years’ experience in the Australian market. We have been involved in every step of manufacturing high-quality cleaning rags, from collection and grading to cutting and packaging, both in Australia and Malaysia. In 2015 we shifted the business focus to the distribution of Cleaning Rags in response to changing customers’ demands. Our aim is to offer our customers flexibility in volume and quantity.

Making a Difference:

Our aim is to offer our customers flexibility in volume and quantity. Australian Cleaning Rags promises personalised service, guaranteed stock availability, lowest prices, best value, professional advice, fast delivery, reliability and a positive customer experience.

High Standard:

Australian Cleaning Rags prides itself on excellence and providing the customer with a positive purchase experience. Our products excel in every single way, whether it is the quality, the packaging or the delivery – only the highest standard will suffice. Fourteen years of solid experience in the Australian market has given us the in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience to select the best Cleaning Rags available.

Australian Cleaning Rags Values

Australian Cleaning Rags Environmental Sustainablility

Environmental Sustainability:

Australian Cleaning Rags is committed to selling products that support Australia’s sustainable future. We understand that Australian businesses want to contribute to a cleaner and greener Australia, and we’ve made it easy to do so. Australian Cleaning Rags are made from recycled clothing which would otherwise end up in land waste. By buying environmentally friendly cleaning cloths, the customer no longer has to purchase cleaning products that have been made in a factory producing greenhouse gases thus polluting our fragile environment. By choosing Australian Cleaning Rags, you choose a cleaner and greener Australia.


Australian Cleaning Rags considers integrity paramount in all its business dealings. We provide the customer with a high quality product for a fair and honest price – it’s that simple.


Australian Cleaning Rags is a business that believes in treating every person with kindness and respect. Each of our professional customer service staff handles a customer enquiry with the utmost respect, ensuring questions are answered, orders are handled correctly and feedback is considered.


Here at Australian Cleaning Rags everyone is treated with the same dignity and respect, regardless of background or gender.


Australian Cleaning Rags highly values its customers and treats everyone the same way, whether you make a small enquiry or place a large order. Respect matters in our company.

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